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Confidently discover your dream home and avoid overpaying with our expert buyer’s agent service; combining our real estate, construction and engineering expertise to tailor a unique individual plan, ensuring a seamless and rewarding property journey.

Home Buyers

A home is always a house, but a house is not always a home...

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Building a stable yet strategically diverse portfolio for your needs

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Our range of bespoke packages cater to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless journey in Brisbane's property market.

Property Review

Have a particular property in mind? You will know more about the property than the selling agent after receiving our report.

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Let us represent you to negotiate the best deal on a property you found.

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Full Service Buyers Agency

Chauffeured through the entire process. Like the seller has their professional agent, we will be yours.

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Auction Bidding

Secure your dream property with confidence as our experts handle the auction bidding for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Buyer's Agents

Perhaps like a property coach. We strive to help you develop a clearer understanding of the property process and market, in order to that you can confidently make a strategic choice. A true Buyers Agent doesn't sell property, as they are not highly trained sales people, but cleverly skilled data analysts and negotiators etc.

The best buyers agents make you feel like a close friend is helping and guiding you through an incredibly stressful process, while saving you sleepless nights scrolling though houses only to find they are “under offer” once you do manage to get through to an agent.

With a detailed and well established brief, a wise buyers agent can quickly sift through hundreds of properties from various sources to precisely pin point the specific properties that best suit your needs.

We save you both time and money by managing the entire process for you (Searching, Inspecting, Negotiating, Auction Bidding, investigation management [Build and Pest Inspection] etc.) You get to draw on our vast Real Estate network and market connections, off-market opportunities and local know-how (We are actually based in South East Queensland and live, laugh a play here with our families). As local as local can be.

There is nothing free in this world, and if you are not paying… then you are the product. If a Buyers Agent ever offers to work for free, then they are being paid by someone else and they are actually selling you something. Perhaps they are a Sales Agent in disguise. Buyers agents generally offer a Fee-for-Service, meaning they offer a specialist service for a specified outcome detailed clearly in some form usually referred to as a “Buyers Brief”.

About Seeksta

Due to limited capacity with only a handful of buyers being able to be serviced by each Buyers Agent, an initial friendly phone call is vital to ascertain if our service suits what you are actually looking for, and that your expectations are realistic for the respective market and property type you are hoping to buy in. Just give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to chat.

This is tailored to each individual clients level of involvement. Being either Investor, Owner Occupier, Commercial or Developer; we offer a fixed fee service for up to a certain value, then work off a percentage of the contract price from there up. Please contact us to learn more about our service and if it is suitable for your needs.

About Real Estate Property

One that scores mostly 'A' on the Seek'n'Swoop analysis model.

Each assessable point is entered into the system and given a value. This then helps clearly identify the property itself. If it scores a 'B' or 'A' then we would likely consider it Blue Chip. If it scores less, eg 'C' then it would need further detailed investigation relative to your specific requirements to consider it relative to your unique Buyers Brief. If it scores 'D' then that property is taken off the table.

Loan to Value Ratio. This is a derivative of your actual loan amount, against current property value.

Use Seeksta's very unique skillset of Equity Engineering. Though to be blunt, this only works in blue chip locations. Warning, do not try this at home...

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